Home Staging

The first impression counts!

As soon as you decide to sell your property, your former home has to hold its ground in the eyes of potential buyers. The house or apartment has to look pleasant and inviting.

At the same time, the styling should be as neutral as possible, so that every individual potential buyer can project their own imaginations.


Why Home Staging?

  • Because the first 30 seconds determine whether a potential buyer becomes interested in your property or not!
  • Because empty rooms don’t look inviting
  • Because most people can’t imagine how an empty room can look really nice later on.

That’s why Home Staging provides a concrete, positive and convincing impression.


What exactly is Home Staging?

We arrange your house or apartment with a neutral and appealing interior for the duration of showings and sale – with little effort, but great effect. That way your apartment or house can be shown at its finest, so you can achieve the best first impression at the showing or in the advertisement.

An indispensable tool in order to save time and money!

Surveys from the USA show that professional Home Staging can abbreviate the selling time by a third or even half and achieve a 10-15% higher selling price.

Home Staging offers you a lot of benefits – and we take care of everything for you.

See it for yourself!

Our partner is www.lhabitat-decor.de


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