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We offer you an extensive service in German, French and English.

Bellevie Immobilien offers an extensive service with friendly and proficient advice in German, French and English.
We offer our services to sellers, lessors, buyers, tenants, investors and real estate developers.
Whether freehold/owner occupied flats, rental apartments, detached-houses, semi-detached houses, new build flats, flats in historic/vintage buildings, commercial properties or mansions – we know our business.
Benefit from our special source of international private clients and companies! With us, you can reach a wider circle of national and international clients.

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Together with our partners:

  • Home staging
  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Tradesmen services
  • Joint business with other real estate agents
  • Energy efficiency passports/certificates
Together with our partners:

Home Staging

Our partner company, L’Habitat décor Intérieur, offers professional arrangements of your property in order to market it for the optimal price.

As soon as you decide to sell your property, your former home has to hold its ground in the eyes of potential buyers. The house or apartment has to look pleasant and inviting.

At the same time, the styling should be as neutral as possible, so that every individual, potential buyer can project their own imaginations.

Why Home Staging?

  • Because the first 30 seconds determine whether a potential buyer becomes interested in your property or not!
  • Because empty rooms don’t look inviting
  • Because most people can’t imagine how really nice an empty room could look later on.
  • That’s why Home Staging provides a concrete, positive and convincing impression.

What exactly is Home Staging?

We arrange your house or apartment with a neutral and appealing interior for the duration of viewings and sale – with little effort, but great effect. That way your apartment or house can be shown at its finest and can achieve the best first impression when viewing or in the advertisement.

An indispensable tool in order to save time and money!
Surveys from the USA, show that professional Home Staging can shorten the selling time by a third or even half and achieve a 10-15% higher selling price.

Home Staging offers a lot of benefits for you – and we take care of everything.

We offer extensive financing services

Our in-house financing partner will gladly arrange for you, suitable real estate financing.
We like to refer our international clients to our partner Wolfgang Spittka, consultant at FP Finanzpartner AG.
Brokerage of real estate insurance
Our in-house insurance expert will be pleased to provide you with the appropriate insurance if required.

Energy Efficiency Certificate

We can offer you much more: If you sell your house with us exclusively, we’ll obtain a free Energy Efficiency Passport for you.
Since 2009, an Energy Efficiency Passport is required by law for all property owners who wish to sell or let their property. This passport shows the energy expenditure and the energy potentials of the building. Property owners are legally required to make the entire passport available to buyers/tenants. If it’s incorrect or missing, fines of up to €15.000 (15k) may be issued.

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything!

Tradesmen Service

If needed, we offer to contact and assign tradesmen for you, people with whom we’ve had positive experiences in the past.

Joint business with other real estate agents

We’ll also gladly cooperate with colleagues.
Just send us the information and address data of your project. In the case of a joint business, the total commission will be split into equal shares. We can also incorporate the client into our database, should you so wish. Please understand that for legal reasons we cannot release any property documents without specific information about your client.
Generally, we are willing to do joint business.

The main conditions for a joint business are:

  • the buyer of the property is not known to us; notification with the full name is enough to check our database
  • we need to legally validate your clients identity; therefore, we need the complete address of your client before a viewing
  • the viewing will be done by our sales consultant; you may also be present of course
  • after the viewing, the client must sign our confirmation form
  • the bill will be issued by our company