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The search for a suitable tenant usually requires a lot of time and good nerves – we’ll gladly do this work for you!

We have to charge the remuneration of our services to the client – usually the landlord. You can claim the commission calculation in the annual tax declaration!

10 good reasons why you should hire us:

  1. Experience and expertise
    We are experts in real estate and are dealing day in and day out with real estate sales and leases. We always stay up-to-date and can advise and support you.
  2. Secure determination of the comparative rent
    It’s necessary for you when re-letting to pay attention to the local comparative rents – we’re happy to advise you!
  3. Optimal presentation of your property
    We create a convincing exposé, which brings the advantages of your property to the front. Regular updates ensure that your property does not slide down in the major online platforms
  4. Professional advertising
    Benefit from our image advertising on the Internet, in newspapers and through our advertising banners in the Rhine-Main area!
  5. Protect your privacy!
    Your contact details will not be published or shared without your consent. This ensures that you’ll not be bothered by unpleasant calls at any time of the day or night or even after you’ve rented out your property.
  6. Pre-selection of prospective tenants and credit worthiness check
    Enjoy your free time while we handle the flood of enquiries and thoroughly examine every potential tenant before we introduce them to you. We only arrange appointments with potential tenants whose ideas and possibilities also fit in with the apartment or the house. By default, we’ll collect from the applicants a detailed self-report, proof of income and a current Schufa-information.
  7. Procurement of the statutory Energy Efficiency Passport/certificate
  8. We can procure the legally prescribed Energy Efficiency Passport/certificate
    as well as supporting you in fulfilling the obligations under the Energy Saving Regulations. Cost effective, reliable and uncomplicated. As an energy value expert (Sprengnetter), Ms. Honoré will be pleased to advise you.
  9. Coordination of appointments
    The most interesting tenants are often time-bound professionally. Often it is difficult to find a suitable date, especially if you have a long journey, it is even more annoying when the dates are far apart or a potential tenant cancels on short notice or doesn’t show up at all. We are flexible and can make an appointment with the prospective tenant at short notice. Whilst you can pursue your activities, we take care of the rental of your property.
  10. Personal contact
    As your permanent contact in matters of real estate we know you, your property and the particular details. This enables professional communication that is appreciated by prospective tenants and creates trust.
  11. Leisure profit
    A society becomes successful through division of labour. Everyone takes on the part for which they are trained and do it the best. Why would you want to sacrifice your spare time for property renting, when the result is seldom as good as the professional one?

Have we convinced you? Then choose one of our two service packages:


Package 1

Package 2


Photographs of the object

Assessment of appropriate rental price

Creation of the exposé

Advertisement on online platforms

Enquiry processing

Viewing appointments with selected potential tenants

Credit worthiness checks

Brokerage of services

Preparation of the rental contract
(within the limits of the Legal Services Act)

Handover protocol with the prior tenant

Handover protocol with the new tenant

1 month net rent
plus 19 % VAT

2 month net rent
plus 19 % VAT

We’re also happy to make you an individual offer – contact us!

Optional extra services
Creation of a virtual 360 ° tour
Creation of an Energy Efficiency Passport
Home staging
Floor plan optimisation

Individual service offers can be arranged.

The commission calculation can be deducted from the annual tax return.

Commission scale for temporary housing:

Rental Period Commission (excl. VAT)
(of 1 month rent)
Commission (incl. VAT)
(of 1 month rent)
1 Month

15 %

17,85 %

2 Months

30 %

35,70 %

3 Months

45 %

53,55 %

4 Months

60 %

71,40 %

5 Months

75 %

89,25 %

6 Months

90 %

107,10 %

7 Months

105 %

124,95 %

8 Months

120 %

142,80 %

9 Months

135 %

160,65 %

From 10 Months or indefinite

150 %

178,50 %